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70 Executives

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Gershon Venkatsamy | Netcare

The Entire Data Skills Lifecycle

In this episode I'm joined by Gershon Venkatsamy who is a Data Engineering Manager at Netcare in South Africa. Gershon shares his experiences in building a data centric organisation and how data analytics has been used, in the healthcare industry, to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. We also talk at length about skills development.

Emmanuel Osanga | Standard Bank

Building a Data Driven Culture

In this episode I'm joined by Emmanuel Osanga who heads up the Data Office for Standard Bank's Africa regions. This is no small task - there are 17 countries in Emmanuel's portfolio. And he's working on building a data driven culture across all of them.

To achieve this Emmanuel suggests 3 key things as part of a culture change framework:

1. Move the hearts and minds of the people and you're halfway there

2. Ensure that the data strategy is aligned to the business strategy

3. Make the journey exciting!

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